Dead Zone Bags™ Signal Blocking Faraday Bags and Pouches    

 Dead Zone Bags Radio Signal Blocking Bags and Faraday Pouches!
The RF Blocking bag that actually worked as claimed, and had a warranty to back that claim up!


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Dear customers,

We are currently unable to manufacture and sell Dead Zone Bags™ and we are currently unable to discuss the reason(s) why we are no longer able to manufacture and sell Dead Zone Bags™. Please do not call or e-mail us with questions or requests about Dead Zone Bag™ products, as our customer service team will not be able to provide you with additional information, and you will be referred back to this page.

However, our parent company sells the raw materials for you to make your own Faraday Cages.

Official Dead Zone Bag™ Limited Edition Keychains are still available for sale and $1.00 from the sale of each Dead Zone Bags™ Keychain will be donated to: E.P.I.C. Electronic Privacy Information Center

Sewing DIY Faraday Bags
The design of the original Dead Zone Bags™ was essentially an elongated pillow case that twice folds over the inserted device when properly closed, and with double folded, sewn seams. The double folded sewn seams and the twice folding design are critical design elements of a functioning RF Signal blocking bag. A review of our instructions from the original product should give you a good idea how this bag should be made. Nearly any home sewing machine can be used, but this special RF blocking stainless steel material is especially hard on a sewing machine's internal mechanisms, and could possibly damage lighter machines. Hand sewing with needle and thread is the most effective way to sew these bags.

The simple foolproof way to test your finished bag without the benefit of expensive test equipment is: Put your device into the finished bag, and try to call, send e-mail, or otherwise message the device. If the device is unable to send or receive the messages or calls during the entire time it was in the bag, then your bag works. Try to perform this testing within visual sight of a known cellular tower, and as close as you can reasonably and safely get to the cellular tower; as to ensure proper testing with the strongest possible signal you are likely to encounter during normal use.

Unlike most competitor's products, our Dead Zone Bag™ stayed true to the design of the original Faraday Cage electromagnetic shield invented by Michael Faraday in1836 and has been successfully tested to block all frequencies in the following bands:

  800 Mhz - 950 Mhz and 1900 Mhz used for cellular phones
1200 Mhz - 1500 Mhz (1.7 Ghz - 2.1 Ghz) used in GPS Satellite Navigation (SATNAV)
1500 Mhz - 2100 Mhz (1.7 Ghz - 2.1 Ghz) wireless internet including 3G and 4G
2000 Mhz - 5800 Mhz (2 Ghz - 5.8 Ghz) band used for Bluetooth® and 802.11 WLAN Devices (WIFI Devices)

There are other much less expensive, commercially available signal blocking bags, primarily marketed to law enforcement agencies (for use as cyber evidence preservation tools) that claim to block frequencies as low as 10 MHz, and also RFID “Proxy cards”, NFC (Near Field Communication - as used in Apple Pay® and other point of sale wireless payment systems) as well as the passive RFID used in U.S. Passports. These claims of effective low frequency blocking made by other manufacturers should be dismissed as potentially fraudulent until independently verified by competent radio technicians with the proper test equipment. See:

All existing warranties on Dead Zone Bags™ purchased before December 19, 2014 will be honored with the following change to the warranty: Replacement bags are not available; bags shown to be defective due to materials or workmanship will be accepted for return and a prorated refund based on the date of original sale will be issued. (prorating is based on the term of original warranty, 1 year; therefore bags returned 6 months after date of purchase will be eligible for a 50% refund and so on.)

Thank You,
The Former Manufacturers of Dead Zone Bags™

   Signal Blocking Bags & Faraday Pouches by Dead Zone Bags™ - Small Size for Phones and Handheld mobile devices
Signal Blocking Bags & Faraday Pouches by Dead Zone Bags™ - Large Size for Laptops and Tablets
   Official Dead Zone Bags™ Limited Edition Promotional Key Chain

Small size Faraday Bag
for nearly all phones &  handheld wireless devices. Including: Apple iphone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC Droid, Nokia Lumina, Blackberry
Large Size Faraday Bag
for nearly all Laptops and Tablets.
Including: Apple iPad, Android, Asus MeMo pad, Google Nexus, Kindle Fire, Microsoft Surface, Samsung Galaxy Tab.
Official Dead Zone Bags Limited Edition Promotional Key Chain
Show Your Support for Personal Electronic Privacy!
$1.00 from the sale of each Dead Zone Bags™ Keychain will be donated to: E.P.I.C. - Electronic Privacy Information Center
Made in the USA



Dead Zone Bags™ Signal Blocking Faraday Bags - "Let Your Mobile Phone Rest in Peace" ™

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