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Dead Zone Bags™ Radio Signal Blocking Faraday Bags - Small Size

Fits most phones, handheld wireless mobile devices, and GPS units


Dead Zone Bags™ - Radio Signal Blocking for Mobile Devices - Take Back your Privacy!
Phone & GPS size will will accommodate all devices up to 8'' Length by 4'' width and 1'' thick

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Backed Up by a
One Year Manufacturer's Warranty with a Money
 Back Guarantee that
our Dead Zone Bags™
actually work, as advertised.

Dead Zone Bags™ - One Year Warranty with Money Back Guarantee

To ensure signal blocking:
The Mobile device must be
properly placed into the bag
and closed correctly,
following these simple
Usage & Care Instructions.

Dead Zone Bags Instructions™


Radio Signal Blocking bags made from proprietary 100% Stainless Steel Fabric block radio signals used for all commercially available wireless networking devices. Made to protect your privacy in the digital age. Proper use of Dead Zone Bags™ allow you carry your mobile phone or other wireless / mobile internet enabled device with total privacy from being tracked or surveilled by two way radio signals being constantly transmitted by today's mobile devices to and from network towers. These radio tracking signals are unique and identifiable to each and every network device, and continue to be transmitted EVEN AFTER THE DEVICE IS SHUT OFF! Unless you have a Dead Zone Bag™*

Without a working Faraday bag like the Dead Zone Bag™ the only other way to prevent a mobile phone from constantly transmitting location information is to remove the phone's batteries, which is not possible with most mobile phones made after 2006, without destructively disassembling and permanently damaging the phone.

Read more about how your privacy is constantly compromised by mobile devices.

Each of our standard size Dead Zone Bags™ is Guaranteed to work or your money back. No other competing manufacturer of signal blocking faraday type bags can offer this money back guarantee; because their Chinese produced, cheaply made bags just don't work.
Dead Zone Bags™ were designed by a Military Trained Radio Operator with many years of independent Radiophysics and Electronics experience and experimentation projects.

Due to the physical characteristics of the proprietary, 100% Stainless steel micro-fine mesh fabric, our Dead Zone Bags™ have an unusual metallic luster and sheen to them. Additionally, any creases or wrinkles made in this material will likely be very noticeable and very permanent. These creases and wrinkles do not affect the radio-physical properties of the bag as it relates to blocking radio signals.

We have had requests from our customers, to manufacture our Dead Zone Bags™ with an attractive outer fabric shell; in order to make our product more attractive. This is not advisable: as the micro-fine mesh fabric needs to be visually inspected to ensure that it has no holes or rips in it that will allow radio signals to pass through. Dead Zone Bags™ were designed to reliably block radio signals, not to look pretty!

The Dead Zone Bag™ stays true to the design of the original Faraday Cage electromagnetic shield invented by
Michael Faraday in 1836 and has been successfully tested to block all frequencies in the following bands:

  800 Mhz - 950 Mhz and 1900 Mhz used for cellular phones
1200 Mhz - 1500 Mhz (1.7 Ghz - 2.1 Ghz) used in GPS Satellite Navigation (SATNAV)
1500 Mhz - 2100 Mhz (1.7 Ghz - 2.1 Ghz) wireless internet including 3G and 4G
2000 Mhz - 5800 Mhz (2 Ghz - 5.8 Ghz) band used for Bluetooth® and 802.11 WLAN Devices (WIFI Devices)

Dead Zone Bags™ are capable of blocking other radio services; both significantly higher and lower in frequency than those listed above, however we will only Warranty our products for blocking the radio signals for the devices and services listed above.

Notes regarding NFC signal Blocking

Sized to accommodate nearly all mobile phones and portable GPS units up to 8'' Length by 4'' width and 1'' thick. Durable Grippin Strip™ brand hook and loop closure, proprietary 100% Stainless Steel Mesh Fabric and industrial grade nylon thread.

Proprietary alloy, durable 100% Stainless steel fabric means: Dead Zone Bags™ bags have the maximum radio signal blocking capability compared to bags produced from Fiber Textile blends that contain 85% or more polyester or cotton with a few strands of nickel plated copper woven into it. 100% Stainless steel is 100% metallic, so 100% of it's surface is conductive, not the 15% or so conductivity you may get with a fiber blended textile.

Solid Stainless steel is much harder and stronger than copper alloys. Our competitors recommend that you purchase
a new one of their bags after just 6 months of use; because the cheaper, weaker copper based fabric they use gets metal fatigued from repeated flexing and bending and begins to break down in those 6 months.

What that means: As the copper fibers begin to break from being bent back and forth repeatedly, they begin to allow Radio Signal Leakage, rendering our competitor's signal blocking bags useless. Think about bending a paper clip back and forth until it breaks, that is exactly what is happening on a microscopic scale in our competitors bags.

View Our Exclusive 1 Year money back guarantee: Dead Zone Bags™ Manufacturer's Limited Warranty

Please note: many networks will detect if user's devices are not communicating with the network and will re-transmit text messages, e-mails, and other data when the phone is able to communicate again with the network. Therefore, your phone will download messages that were not received while it was stored in a Dead Zone Bag™ , usually within 5 to 10 minutes of opening the bag and allowing radio signals to enter and escape.

It is not possible to use your mobile device while it is in a Dead Zone Bag™, and your phone will not receive calls, text messages or other communications while it is inside a properly closed Dead Zone Bag™, your mobile device will function as if it has been taken somewhere out of range of all wireless networks.

Dead Zone Bags™ are passive radio signal shielding devices, they are not radio signal jamming devices, they do not require a license, they will not cause interference to radio devices that are not placed inside them, they will NOT cause any damage your mobile device, and they are completely legal in all 50 states, and all countries that we know of.

Putting your mobile device into Dead Zone Bag™ to block it's radio signal, is no different than taking your mobile device into a basement, a cave, or a heavily constructed building that is too dense to allow radio signals to penetrate it.

Dead Zone Bags™ are also a great gift for anyone who must carry a mobile device but is worried about excessive exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation, particularly pregnant women. Yale School of medicine researchers have recently  determined that Cell phone use in pregnancy may cause problems for unborn children.

Dead Zone Bags™ can also be used for RF Signal Isolation for Forensics to assist law enforcement government agencies and researchers preserve and transport seized wireless devices for later exploitation and analysis. Dead Zone Bags™ Can assist in evidence seizure by preventing a seized wireless device from being tampered with remotely, possibly destroying all evidence value of the device.

Fits nearly all handheld Phones and Smartphones and GPS Units:
Apple iPhone 4S
Apple iPhone 5
Apple iPhone 6
BlackBerry Q10
BlackBerry Z10
HTC First
HTC One Mini
HTC Windows Phone 8X
Huawei Ascend P2
LG Optimus G Pro
Micromax Canvas 2 A110
Nexus 4
Nokia Lumia 920
Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy S4

And many more phones and smartphones.

Handheld GPS Units: (all models)
Garmin Nuvi

Other sizes Dead Zone Bags™ are available, as well as custom sizes and shapes. Contact us for more information.

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Dead Zone Bag™ is a trademark of American Home & Habitat Inc.

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